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Are you ready for some EXAGGERATED ENTERTAINMENT? We are a company of professional caricature artists serving Minnesota and Wisconsin for event entertainment. If you are searching for a caricature artist (caricaturist) to draw dozens of your guests at any event in Minnesota or Wisconsin, look no further. Drawing caricatures is all we do and we do it well. Our team of caricaturists include the most experienced, reliable and talented artists in the upper Midwest!

Chris Rommel Drawing Caricatures of Teenagers

You may be asking, "What is a caricature?". Basically, a caricature is an exaggerated portrayal of something to produce a comical effect. We specialize in drawing funny caricatures of people for event entertainment, hence our business name EXAGGERATED ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to see us in action, watch our brief time-lapse video of a live caricature in progress from start to finish (video is only 30 seconds long). Use the controls to play the video below.

Within this website, you will meet our caricaturists and see examples of their caricatures. Then, find out what events we draw at, view our list of satisfied clients, learn how much our fees are and what is needed for event bookings. Also, check out our caricatures from photos service. If you have questions, look at our frequently asked questions for helpful answers. And finally, you can contact us when you are ready for some EXAGGERATED ENTERTAINMENT!

Gerard Butler as King Leonidas Caricature