Why Choose Us?

Talented caricaturists are rare. It takes years to master the skill of drawing accurate likenesses in front of an audience. We all were trained to draw caricatures, taught by experts in the business. Most of us have also studied Art in school. Some of us are even members of the the International Society of Caricature Artists and attend seminars to improve our craft. We are dedicated and it shows in our caricatures!

With dozens of caricaturists to choose from, we offer a variety of styles ranging from mild to WILD! Since no two caricaturists draw exactly alike, you may find one you prefer over the rest. This is your chance to request the caricaturist you like best! Otherwise, we can recommend one for you. You may even want to consider hiring more than one caricaturist, ensuring that everyone gets a caricature to take home.

Our caricaturists are located in various cities throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. If we do not live near your location, we are willing to travel, even to neighboring states (travel fees may apply). If more than one caricaturist is desired for an event, we can organize a carpool to keep any travel fees to a minimum. Please contact us to find out if we are able to travel to your location and draw caricatures at your event.