Pricing Options


Color Caricature

Color drawings that take less than ten minutes per person.

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Clear envelopes with cardboard backing to protect drawings.

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Custom Paper
Custom Paper

Your personal logo or message stamped onto each page.

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Hourly Fee

For events, the client or host is billed an hourly fee and the caricatures are free for the guests getting drawn. We currently charge $150 per hour for BLACK & WHITE caricatures or $175 per hour for COLOR caricatures. If more than one caricaturist is needed, the hourly fee is multiplied per caricaturist. Our caricaturists draw fast, capable of drawing 12 - 16 people per hour in BLACK & WHITE or 6 - 8 people per hour in COLOR.

Optional Fees

We offer PROTECTORS, clear plastic envelopes with sturdy cardboard backing, to protect each drawing. We currently charge $25 per hour (per caricaturist) for this option, which we recommend if drawings will be handled by children or if bad weather is a factor. We also offer CUSTOM PAPER by stamping a personalized logo or message onto every page. We currently charge $100 for this option, which is a one-time fee per event.

Travel Fee

Since we travel to the event, we also charge a travel fee to cover our driving expenses and time. We currently charge 50ยข per round-trip driving mile between the caricaturist's home city and event location. Mile distance is calculated using Google Maps. Any distance under 30 round-trip miles is considered local and will not be charged. If you request more than one caricaturist, we will organize a carpool to keep this fee to a minimum.

Payment Options

We accept most forms of payment including cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal. We do not require payment upfront, as long as you sign and return our contract. Full payment is due upon completion of our services to you complete satisfaction. This way, we can adjust for any problems or overtime during the event if necessary. If you would like an accurate quote for an event, please visit our HIRE page or contact us with your inquiry.

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